As an attorney, author, missionary and just simply an ordinary family-man and citizen-patriot, I hope to make a difference for good in this life and the eternal life of my friends, neighbors and fellow patriots. Being a naturalized American of British citizenship, the glory of America’s founding, the principles that gave birth to its laws and institutions and its opportunities for prosperity shine more brightly, perhaps, in my star-lit eyes than in, perhaps, many of its natural born. It is ofttimes easier for an immigrant to carry the torch of the zealot and patriot than those that have become accustomed to the prosperity and greatness of their native land. This zeal and concern for the direction that our country is going in should not then be mistaken for arrogance or self-righteousness but should be treated with the compassion and leniency due a new born patriot.

America is foundering, and has lost her independence to a largely alien elite that governs her, because she has departed from the Protestant principles that once set her apart from the nations and which made her great. In all departments of life we hear the alarm bells creaming at anyone who would listen – in the injustice and lawlessness that has overtaken her law; in the exploitation and graft that has captured her healthcare and medicine, transforming it, in many respects, from the minster of life to the minister of death; in her political life and policy where her elective representatives so often sell her freedom for crude dollars; in her entertainment industry that purvey filth and moral decadence; in her educational industry that deliver ignorance more often that investigative wisdom; in her  endangered family unit where her destiny as a nation is now being weighed in the balances; and lastly, in her religious and philosophical life where the core of her values once lay. American must first experience a moral revival before she can once again experience health and prosperity in her economic life and in all these vital areas of her existence.

As an attorney I attempt to make a difference by negotiating justice for the injured in my practice of personal injury law in Sacramento and Roseville. But as a student of Constitutional law I try to awaken fellow citizens and patriots to the precipice before us as a nation, largely due to the complete abandonment of the Constitution as a guide to our law and public policy.

As an author I have extended this concern to the sad state of our healthcare system. Two books on the healthcare crisis, its causes and origins, hopefully point the way to restoring the proper function of medicine in our society. As in our economic and social dysfunctions, we manage the symptoms of disease without treating the cause of these maladies. The cure is in the cause.

As a missionary to my fellow patriots I have authored two books on prophecy and the crisis of terrorism stemming from the Middles East. These demonstrate that the only hope for America and the world is the Second Coming of Christ in which all things will be restored and renewed in the new earth.

As a missionary to third world peoples, I feebly attempt to leave a small legacy of hope and faith in a better world to come, while relieving distress, poverty and ignorance by building schools, churches and clinics.

Please explore these themes in the different sections of this website and please do contribute to finding the right solutions to healing America’s wounds by responding to my blogs.

With a sincere invitation, I remain,

James C. Henderson

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