Truth found in the pages of history can restore our Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and Property.

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 in Publications

America has veered off the course our Founding Fathers set for us. We have abandoned the Declaration’s Creationist worldview and are therefore adrift in a New Dark Age. We are rapidly descending into political, moral and spiritual chaos. Blinded by greed, a lust for pleasure and power, we have exchanged our legacy of freedom and self reliance for a false security. We have sold our individual and national sovereignty to an international financial elite to whom we are in bondage. In Search of History is an attempt to recover from the pages of history those nuggets of truth that can help us restore our spiritual and moral values, which are the true foundations for reestablishing our Republic, our Constitution, our liberties and our health and well being.

Patrick Henry, 1775 Speech Give Me Liberty or Give me Death:

“We have no way of knowing the future but by the [lamp] of the past.

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