Terror Over Jerusalem: Volume 1

A commentary on the Clash of Civilizations between Judeo-Christianity and Militant Islam

Terror Over Jerusalem (Paperback Edition)

Jerusalem is ground zero in a Clash of Civilizations between Militant Islam and Judeo-Christianity and the Temple Mount is the epicenter. But there cannot and there will not ever be a military solution to conflict in the Middle East says author and attorney James Henderson in his timely and gripping Terror Over Jerusalem. Instead, using the Bible and religious history going back 2500 years, he shows how the United States, the Papacy and Europe will bond together to stop Islam in an attempt to put an end to terrorism forever. But even more gripping is Henderson’s contention that this event will also usher in the Second Coming of Christ.

Beautifully written and thoroughly researched, Terror Over Jerusalem is a thinking person’s look at world events and a stunning look at how the conflict in the Middle East is a fulfillment of the Biblical prophet Daniel’s ominous end-time prediction of a resurgent Islam followed by its demise in the throes of Armageddon.

This exploration of historical and end-time events begins in Terror Over Jerusalem: Volume 1 with the initial conflict between Abraham’s descendants, the children of Isaac and offspring of Ishmael. Then fast forwarding to the Persia Empire in the 6th century B.C. it covers 2,300 years of conflict between successive empires dominating the Middle East to the overthrow of the Papacy by the French Revolution. Terror Over Jerusalem: Volume 2 continues to trace the escalating conflict in the Middle East in what climaxes in a clash of civilizations between Judeo-Christianity and Islam – an apocalyptic conflict that engulfs all the nations.

  • Is the present conflict in the Middle East a fulfillment of this ominous prediction?
  • Will the Papacy move its center to Jerusalem to resolve the mortal struggle between three religions, all claiming descent from the Patriarch Abraham?
  • Is the present conflict leading up to the final Crusade of Christendom into the Middle East?

Attorney and author James Henderson challenges all to read and decide for themselves. There are no safe harbors left in this Clash of Civilizations. We are all being pulled into the vortex.

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