As an author I have extended this concern to the sad state of our healthcare system. Two books on the healthcare crisis, its causes and origins, hopefully point the way to restoring the proper function of medicine in our society. As in our economic and social dysfunctions, we manage the symptoms of disease without treating the cause of these maladies. The cure is in the cause.

  • Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 – Vaccine Deployed 1963
    Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 Vaccine Deployed 1963! The Vaccination/drug lobby often whip up hysteria to sell their products. Fear is their main tool but they do not hesitate to use deception. An example is their claim that vaccinations eliminated Measles in America, but as this graph shows In Search of History demonstrates the very … Read More →
  • Truth found in the pages of history can restore our Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and Property.
    America has veered off the course our Founding Fathers set for us. We have abandoned the Declaration’s Creationist worldview and are therefore adrift in a New Dark Age. We are rapidly descending into political, moral and spiritual chaos. Blinded by greed, a lust for pleasure and power, we have exchanged our legacy of freedom and … Read More →
  • The Parallel Prophecies of Daniel
    This simple chart accurately delineates the parallel prophecies of Daniel by associating each biblical image with it’s appropriate religiopolitical group and historical time period.
  • Keys to Understanding Prophetic Timelines
    A guide to the proper use and understanding of the various charts and timelines outlining the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation available on this site and in my books: Locate the starting point of the prophecy in the stream of history as provided by the angel, and follow the historical events to the end of … Read More →
  • Origin of the Two-Phased Second Coming
    The concept that the Second Coming of Christ will occur in two stages or phases, was foreign to Church doctrine for eighteen hundred years. This chart reveals the timeline and reason for this huge change in prophetic interpretation.
  • Timeline of Revelation 17 & 18
    The judgements on the papacy: In 1798, by Revolutionary France; and in the end time, after the United States and Europe revive its power, by the nations of Europe; and finally by Christ at his Second Coming.