Scramble For Jerusalem

Ground Zero for World War III: How false end-time theologies will lead to Armageddon

Scramble for Jerusalem (Paperback Cover)

Jerusalem, whose name ironically signifies city of peace, is inarguably the most fought-over parcel of real estate on Earth, and may soon become ground zero for World War III. In The Scramble for Jerusalem, author and attorney James Henderson ably reveals that overshadowing this regional conflict is a global religious confrontation of apocalyptic proportions that transcends the political claims of the contestants. Five major faiths, all claiming descent from Abraham, have end-time scripts, granting exclusive control of Jerusalem for their adherents. All feature Jerusalem as the capital of their coming Messianic kingdom, and all are radically opposed to each other’s scripts. They cannot all be right, argues attorney Henderson.

The Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Evangelicals, and the latter-day Puritans, the Reconstructionists, wish to capture Jerusalem and prepare it for their coming Messiah. But one’s Messiah may be the other’s Antichrist. This creates a potential apocalyptic showdown in the Middle East, threatening world peace and creating the potential for the final Armageddon of the nations.

Using their own proclamations, attorney Henderson reveals that military jihadists envision a new Caliphate with its headquarters at Jerusalem. Because these militant Muslims see America as the main Western supporter of the state of Israel, the road to Jerusalem lies through Washington. Many books have been written criticizing individual theologies of the end time. For the first time an analysis of all these competing theologies are brought together in one volume and shown to be competing, conflicting, and equally false—even triggering an unholy civil war between Evangelical Christians, who wait for the Rapture, and Reconstructionsit Puritians who plot to seize civil government.

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