Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 – Vaccine Deployed 1963

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Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 Vaccine Deployed 1963!

The Vaccination/drug lobby often whip up hysteria to sell their products. Fear is their main tool but they do not hesitate to use deception. An example is their claim that vaccinations eliminated Measles in America, but as this graph shows In Search of History demonstrates the very opposite: Sanitation and better nutrition virtually eradicated the harm done by measles in the early 1950s in America over a decade before the measles vaccination was deployed circa 1963:

Measles Mortality Ratres
Measles Mortality Virtually Eradicated by 1950 Vaccine Deployed 1963

Truth found in the pages of history can restore our Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and Property.

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America has veered off the course our Founding Fathers set for us. We have abandoned the Declaration’s Creationist worldview and are therefore adrift in a New Dark Age. We are rapidly descending into political, moral and spiritual chaos. Blinded by greed, a lust for pleasure and power, we have exchanged our legacy of freedom and self reliance for a false security. We have sold our individual and national sovereignty to an international financial elite to whom we are in bondage. In Search of History is an attempt to recover from the pages of history those nuggets of truth that can help us restore our spiritual and moral values, which are the true foundations for reestablishing our Republic, our Constitution, our liberties and our health and well being.

Patrick Henry, 1775 Speech Give Me Liberty or Give me Death:

“We have no way of knowing the future but by the [lamp] of the past.

The Parallel Prophecies of Daniel

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The parallel prophecies of Daniel substantially cover the same historical periods:

EmpireDaniel 2Daniel 7Daniel 8-9Daniel 11-12
606-539 BC
Head: Gold
Daniel 2:32,37,38
Lion with Wings
Daniel 7:4,12,17
Conquered by Ram
Daniel 8:4
539-331 BC
Chest & Arms: Silver
Daniel 2:32,39
Daniel 7:5,12,17
Daniel 8:3-7,20 & 9:24-25
Kings of Persia
Daniel 10:1-2 & 11:1-2
331-168 BC
Belly & Thighs: Brass
Daniel 2:32,39
4 Winged Leopard
Daniel 7:6,12,17
Daniel 8:5-9,21,22
Greek Kings of North & South
Daniel 11:2-6,40
168 BC – 476 AD
Legs: Iron
Daniel 2:33-35,40-44
10 Horned Dragon
Daniel 7:7-8,11,17-26
Little Horn
Daniel 8:9-13,22-25
People of Prince
Daniel 9:25-27
Daniel 11:16-45
Rome: Divided
476 AD – End of Time
Feet & Toes: Iron & Clay
Daniel 2:33,35,40-45
Ten Horns (Europe)
Daniel 7:7-8,17-26
Little Horn
Daniel 8:25-26
Ships of Kittim
Daniel 11:16-45
The Papacy
538-1798 AD
 Little Horn
Daniel 7:8,17-26
Little Horn
Daniel 8:25-26 & 9:27
Forsakers of Holy Covenant
Daniel 11:30-35,45
Scatterer of Holy People
Daniel 12:7
Abomination of Desolation
Daniel 12:11-12
Kingdom of ChristStone
Daniel 2:34,35,44,45
In Heaven: Daniel 7:9-14
On Earth: Daniel 7:26-27
Messiah Prince of Covenant
Daniel 9:24-27
Judgement on the Desolator
Daniel 9:27
Daniel 12:1-3

Keys to Understanding Prophetic Timelines

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A guide to the proper use and understanding of the various charts and timelines outlining the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation available on this site and in my books:

  1. Locate the starting point of the prophecy in the stream of history as provided by the angel, and follow the historical events to the end of the prophetic history, which often terminate with the Second Coming of Christ.
  2. Recognize that the length of the prophecy is determined by adopting the principle which the Reformers acknowledged: that a day in prophecy stands for a literal year, comprising 360 days.
  3. God has revealed in his law the principles that underlie all true prosperity both of nations and of individuals. The events outlined in these charts must be viewed in light of this Biblical perspective.

These outline prophecies reveal the true philosophy of history: Historians relate man’s achievements, his victories and his success in climbing to worldly greatness in such a way that the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as dependent primarily on the will and power of men. The shaping of events seems, to a great degree to be determined by man’s power, ambition, or caprice. But the strength of nations and of individuals is not found in the opportunities and facilities that appear to make them invincible; it is not found in their boasted greatness. That which alone can make men great or strong is the power and purpose of God. Men and nations, by their attitude toward his purpose, decide their own destiny.

These principles are made clear in the Word of God which draws back the curtain on the stage of history, and we witness, behind, above, and through all the play and counter play of human interests, and power and passions, the agencies of the all-merciful One, silently and patiently working out the counsels of his will. Thus the power exercised by every ruler on earth is Heaven-imparted; and upon his use of the power so bestowed his success depends. To each the word of the divine Watcher is:

I have girded you though you have not known me.

Isaiah 45:5

Origin of the Two-Phased Second Coming

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The concept that the Second Coming of Christ will occur in two stages or phases, was foreign to Church doctrine for eighteen hundred years.

It first appeared in Scotland when a young Scottish lass by the name of Margaret Macdonald was told this by voices in a seance-like vision. It was not the first time she had engaged in spirit phenomena; and the modern phenomena of speaking in tongues originated with her. The chart reveals that the timing of her vision, 1830, coincided precisely with the time prophecy of Christ in Matthew 24 warning that false Christs and false prophets would appear in the last days (after 1798), spreading lies about his Second Coming.