Nutritional Healing vs. The Pharmaceutical Suppression of Symptoms

Indicted! Nutritional Healing vs. The Pharmaceutical Suppression of Symptoms (Paperback Cover)

In what promises to be the trial of the century, attorney-turned-author James Henderson indicts the medical/industrial cartel now dominating modern drug-based medicine for trading the health of millions of Americans for dollars. In the brilliant and intriguing setting of a jury trial the author enrolls We the People of America into a vast national jury to pass judgment on modern pharmaceutical medicine for cunningly treating chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes— America’s leading killers—by merely seeking to manage the symptoms of these diseases, not even attempting to cure them. Drug-based medicine has become big business. It thrives on sickness. It dares not cure the patient or the money pipe-line dries up. The price tag? Over two trillion dollars annually and climbing. And America is getting sicker by the day.

Author James Henderson offers the proven testimonies of eminent nutritional physicians and medical geniuses who have turned their backs on this criminal monopoly. These brave souls have risked their careers to blow the whistle on the drugging of America.

In this court of public opinion, if we, the jury, cannot discern the truth, what hope is there for justice? Or for medical freedom in America? Will We the People make a decision before it’s too late? Read Indicted! and decide for yourself.

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