Why Not Audit First and then End the Fed?

Posted on May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Why not Audit The Fed?

The Fed claims that nothing significant would be revealed by an audit of the Federal Reserve; yet on the other hand they clamor very vigorously that to audit the Fed would be calamitous for our economy? Which is it? Is the sky falling? Or are they concealing something sinister? The evidence shows the latter.

The Fed claims that they were brought into existence to bring tranquility into our financial system and to save us from the fickleness of the marketplace thus averting periodic financial crises. But what is the verdict of history? Since the Fed was instituted in 1913 we have had scores of periodic economic crashes and financial upheavals which has devastated the welfare of our nation and threatens to propel us into third world status.

Has the Fed lost every battle it has waged against the fabricated “vagaries” of the market place? If indeed is has, what good is it to us as a nation? What is the reason for its continued existence if it cannot save us from the so called common enemy – the free market?

Many brilliant economists and astute statement assert that the actions of the Fed, and not the hobbled free market, has brought about every single financial crash that has hit this nation since the Fed was brought into existence – including the great crash of 1929 and the equally significant crash of 2007/8. The Fed itself even admitted to Milton Friedman that it caused the crash of 1929, but it won’t happen again.

The Fed has bought us nothing but national ruin. Our national debt is nearing 20 Trillion and our dollar has lost 98% of its value since the Fed began printing its counterfeit money – for that is really what printing dollars un-backed by economic activity is – raw. unmitigated fraud.

The Fed is a private cartel of international banks that captured our government in 1913. Rather, we surrendered our sovereignty to this gang of banksters. Our Constitution places the right to coin and regulate money squarely in the hands of Congress. The power of the purse is the hallmark of a sovereign nation. By surrendering this right we disinherited ourselves and turned over the ruler ship of our nation from Congress to a shadow government of international gangsters who use the Fed to enrich themselves and so perpetuate their power over us.

Unbelievable we turned over our printing press and mint to these international banksters and gave them the right of printing our dollars and lend it back to us at interest! Has history witnessed such incomparable folly by a sovereign nation since the foundation of the earth? And the international banksters have so designed this shell game that we would never be able to repay this interest and so would always be indebted to them. It is in their interest to reduce us to third wold status so that we might never have the financial resources or will power to overthrow them. And they are doing a good job at it.

If you follow the money, they are the same forces behind the drive to confiscate our guns and shred the Second Amendment. An unarmed nation would be powerless against their dictatorship, just as the Russians and Germans were powerless against the dictatorship of Lenin’s State Socialism and Hitler’s National Socialism – the fact that these two Socialist countries fought against each other should not detract from the fact that they were both examples of the failed Socialism that the same international bankers who financed both, are now imposing upon us

By the way, another nugget of history: the same international banksters first set up central banks (the European equivalent of the Fed) in Russian and Germany and France, Japan and China before reducing them to slavery over which their shadow government preside. The founder of their Rothschild dynasty said: give me power over a nation’s money and I care not who makes their laws – for the simple reason that Gold rules in the affair of nations.

What is our remedy against this cartel of international gangsters? Well, one place to start is to audit the Fed and reveal their history of nefarious and seditious activity. Any questions?